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How To Modernize Manual HR Reporting in Minutes

Thursday, July 7th at 1pm EST

Join Bruce Marable, CEO and Co-Founder of Employee Cycle, and Miranda McKie, Head of Product at Employee Cycle, as they help HR leaders understand how to take data from multiple HR systems and quickly unify them into an HR analytics dashboard. 

Why Tech Companies Are Ditching Manual HR Reports

Thursday, August 11th at 1pm EST

Join Bruce Marable, CEO and Co-Founder of Employee Cycle, as he spends time interviewing a special guest in the Information Technology sector and discusses how they're managing demand for HR reporting and why they've stopped using manual processes to get the job done. 

How to Incorporate DEI Goals Into HR Reporting

Thursday, September 15th at 1pm EST

Join Employee Cycle and DEI Consultant Miranda McKie as they discuss how to make sure that DEI goals are adhered to while understanding how to leverage HR data to drive decisions and encourage diversity, equity and inclusion.

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HubSpot Video

DEI Data Workshop: Understanding Metrics That Matter

As DEI expectations evolve for organizations across all industries, how should HR leaders begin to identify metrics that matter?

How do they translate into effective and meaningful HR analytics to help support corporate initiatives and data-driven decision making?

Amanda M., HR Manager at AcctTwo

“Employee Cycle gave us tools at our fingertips to justify what we know in our gut is the right thing to do. That’s been huge for us. As an HR professional over time, you can develop a ‘spidey sense’ for what you know your organization needs.”

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Employee Cycle is inviting HR leaders to apply to be a guest on their podcast! If you're ready to tell the world about what matters to your organization for human resources or just want to have a great HR-focused conversation with industry experts - this might be the opportunity for you!